Electronics Projects of Tom Ahola

Here is a gallery of a small fraction of my many electronics projects during the past years. All are my own designs. My main interest has always been in designing, not building gadgets. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Some are old pictures of low quality. Unfortunately there are no records of my earliest designs that I made at around 11-12 years of age.

As a kid I started with simple battery-switch-lightbulb circuits. But soon I started experimenting with transistors and electron tubes. Printed circuit boards I learned to make at age 14. I had built a simple oscilloscope from an old black & white television. The large screen was impressive but the speed and accuracy of magnetic deflection was inadequate. When I turned 16 I had saved enough money for a real oscilloscope. I still use this 60MHz 2-channel analog oscilloscope every now and then. I now have a modern computer controlled electronic measurement environment. One of my special skills is in Test & Measurement system development.

Do check my CV. I'm always open for new challenges and projects.




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