Welcome to Tom's Lair

Hello web-surfer, welcome to my lair!
These pages are very old but by all means stroll around - there might be something interesting here.

My name is Tom Ahola. My lair has been on the Internet since 1995. Remembering those early days of the world wide web (WWW) brings back nostalgia. Compared to earlier information systems you could easily link to other information on the Internet and embed pictures. This was all so exciting!

Anyway, I have given my lair a touch-up after several years of still living. No fancy plug-ins needed here. Just plain old elegant HTML coding added with a little javascript. Because of popularity of broadband connections I added a bit more graphic elements to my page and thought of having this "hand-sketched" look. This version of my website has again been lying here for years and I feel a change is soon needed. I plan to have more interactivity and colourful 3D graphics. Now I only need to find time to do that.

While I'm really busy I'm always open to new challenges.
Check out my CV.

Enjoy your stay and welcome again!


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