Some examples of Tom's Windows GUI software


Navigation, route planning, targeting computer, map plotter, etc...
First version made in 1997. Runs on everything from Windows95 to WinXP (later Windows versions not tested).



Modular Synthesizer with unlimited number of modules and capabilities. Intended for high quality and complex synthesis that can be run offline (not in real-time) to generate interesting sound samples to be played back on a sampler. Features among many other things capability to analyse sound files and create a synthetic patch that mimics the sound.



Signal analyzer. Precision measurement of audio signals. Can be run in realtime with an audio capture device or can be run on sound files.


Realtime Performance Audio Sound Synthesis. Interesting stereophonic sounds rich in timbre can be generated in live performance by using the mouse.


Once when I was shooting video, my audio track got clipped (distorted by too loud sounds to the microphone). I made this program to correct the audio track. It works by finding clipped parts and analyzing audio on both sides of the clipped part and then reconstructing the clipped part.


Ultra high quality sample rate conversion. I record my music for videos in 48kHz. If I want to make audio CD or mp3 in 44.1kHz of those I found that most existing software does bad sample rate conversion resulting in some aliasing artefacts. My converter is transparent (free of artefacts) to the full bandwidth and dynamic range. It is based on polyphase filters and, thus is relatively fast considering the quality.


Realtime generation of audio test signals.


Convert WAV audio files to ASCII files for input to computing programs for analysis.


Conversion of ASCII files to WAV audio files. Ages ago I used this to make an audio test CD using matlab to generate the ASCII files. Today matlab can output WAV directly.


Edit and view tags in mp3 files. Supports batch operations, automation and making listings of your music collection.