Some examples of Tom's MS-DOS software

Most of my DOS software are command line utilities. Here I have listed only some of the software with some kind of a GUI.


This program is a versatile reporting program for radio stations using Radioman automation. It generates reports in a format specified by Finnish Composers' Copyright Society, Teosto. It reads data of music played by the radio station from Radioman database. The program features use of rule sets to generate specific reports for timed satellite transmitters. DISCLAIMER: This program is not responsible for boring music being played on the radio, over and over again, until you go crazy. The Radioman automation system does that. This programs only makes sure the artists get payed for their music being played.


Measurement program for laser frequency comparison. Features matrix measurement mode for four absorption lines of iodine stabilized lasers. Features allan variance measurement for evaluating short and long time stability of the lasers. This program has been used in international laser comparisons involving the BIPM. See International Iodine Stabilized Laser Comparison 1998.