Welcome to Tom's holiday page!

This late summer I had my first vacation in three years. This is why it's worth it's own WWW page, and 'cause I don't know when I am able to have vacation again. I built an underwater videocamera and did some filming. Here are pictures scanned from VHS tape with my homebuilt scanner. The quality is reduced when scanning from VHS and also by me to limit the size of these pictures. Moving pictures would be more interesting, so if somebody would kindly donate me an MPEG encoder...

Here the camera is about to submerge.

It's under. Bubbles and surface above.

Rocky bottom of the sea spotted.

More rocks in shallow water.

Some seaweed ahead.

More weed in front.

Still more weed beeing rammed by the camera.

My camera works well at night as it has a spotlight and the CCD sensor is very sensitive. Here the camera is above water. The moon is lurking behind some rocks in the sea.

My camera catches the sun beams.


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