Electronics Projects of Tom Ahola

Sensor Platforms

Here is a compilation of sensor platforms I have been developing or working with.

Nokia Motionband

  • 2005
  • A simple wireless sensor for motion tracking
  • Used in various collaboration projects with Nokia
  • Sensors: 3x Accelerometer, 3x Magnetometer, 3x Gyro
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Low power MSP430 CPU
  • Applications: 6DOF 9DOF orientation tracking, motion sensing, gaming. A virtual reality snow boarding game was developed where postures of the player were tracked by two motionbands. Another application was head tracking for 3D audio rendering.
  • I used this platform extensively when developing sensor algorithms

Nokia Wrist-Attached Sensor Platform (NWSP)

  • 2007
  • An open source R&D platform for sports, wellness, interaction and other research
  • Used in various collaboration projects with Nokia
  • It was available for purchase
  • Sensors: 3x Accelerometer, 3x Magnetometer, 3x Gyro, Barometer, Humidity, Temperature, Microphone, Light
  • Colour display, RGB LED, touch pad, buzzer, vibra
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Support for external Bluetooth GPS receiver
  • Support for inductive heart-rate strap
  • Powerful and flexible FPGA based, Nios II soft-core processor
  • Applications: heart rate monitor, step counter, sports tracking, compass, altimeter, navigation, audio analyzer, augmented reality, games, 6DOF 9DOF 10DOF 11DOF orientation tracking, dead reconing
  • I developed half of the electronics (sensor and user-interface board), most of the VHDL design for the FPGA and almost all of the embedded software, including architecture, sensor algorithms, wireless interface protocols and demo applications
  • www.tomahola.com/NWSP

Nokia Ariane

  • 2009
  • A small sensor subsystem used in reserach of motion tracking
  • Used in various collaboration projects with Nokia
  • An open library for interfacing to the sensor was publicly available
  • Powerful ARM7 processor allowed real-time on-device signal processing
  • Sensors: 3x Accelerometer, 3x Magnetometer, 3x Gyro, Barometer, Temperature
  • In a snowboarding event in Helsinki the movements of the snowboarders were tracked using Ariane.
  • My sensor algorithms (compass calibration and 6DOF orientation) were used in this platform. I used Ariane as motion sensor for our interactive performance called RAJA, which combined indoor positioning and motion sensing of dancers to synthesize visuals and sound.

OpenPilot / LibrePilot - CC3D / CC3D Revo

  • 2013
  • Open-source hardware and software platforms for flight control and stabilization of fixed wing and multirotor aircraft
  • Sensors: 3x Accelerometer, 3x Gyro, 3x Magnetometer, Barometer, external GPS receiver
  • I used this platform on my quadcopter drone I have built myself to experiment with high performance and low latency sensor fusion for flight stabilization
  • https://librepilot.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/LPDOC/overview?mode=global

Silicon Labs Thunderboard Sense

  • 2016
  • ARM Cortex M4 core with 32 kB RAM and 256 kB Flash
  • Bluetooth Smart support using multi-protocol Sub-GHz to 2.4 GHz wireless radio SoC
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Sensors: 6-axis Inertial Sensor ICM-20648, Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor Si7021, UV and Ambient Light Sensor Si1133, Pressure Sensor BMP280, Indoor Air Quality and Gas Sensor CCS811, MEMS Microphone SPV1840
  • I used this platform to investigate new IoT possibilities and developed a sleep quality sensing system
  • https://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/wireless/bluetooth/thunderboard-sense-kit

Suunto Movesense

  • 2017
  • A OEM module for quick and easy development of products requiring motion and heart-rate sensing
  • Modules and development kits available for purchase
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • Sensors: Can be directly snapped to a heart rate belt. Also, includes motion sensors.
  • This was an odd project for me. I was asked to help with the development, but nothing with sensor processing, which I'm an outstanding expert on. I made a proprietary bootloder, not my cup of tea, which they eventually did not use. There already existed a standard compliant bootloader provided by the chip vendor.
  • www.movesense.com

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