Tom's holiday page - continued

Me and my 'team' spent 2 days at a shut down coastguard station. (Molpehällorna N 62° 53.52' E 21° 05.72') It looks quite civilized in the picture (taken at night), but it is in fact on an isolated island and the power for the lights comes from a diesel generator we had permission to use.

The moon again, from the rear deck of our boat parked in the boat shed of the coastguard station.

I tried to catch some fish by luring them with the camera spotlight at night. But only small fish came into the light. The fish in the picture was only about 5 cm (2 inches) long.

My camera spotted this foreign big fish submerged. Then I forced it to surface and surrender.

I did some windsurfing too. Here my board is stranded. I also surfed 'round midnight, navigating by the stars. Only three boats nearly run me over. If you have experience on mounting lanterns on a windsurfing board, drop me an E-mail.

I rescued this cellular phone with the aid of my camera and a fishing rod from about 5 meters (17 feet) deep. The phone was dropped in front of a restaurant (Janne's Saloon, N 63° 27.36' E 21° 28.41') on an island (Granskär) outside Vasa city.

This is what my camera and spotlight look like. They are mounted in a holder that can be lowered into the sea. I have cables to investigate depths of max 12 meters, but the camera should withstand 20-30 meters. The camera and the monitor runs from the boats 12V battery. The VCR needs 220 volts AC from an auxiliary generator on the boat.

Well, this was all I had time to do this time. Hope to do some more interesting stuff again sometime...

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